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Work C.1.20a

Muʾayyad al-Din al-ʿUrḍī
مقدّمة بها يتمّ برهان الشكل الرابع من المقالة التاسعة من كتاب المجسطي
Muqaddima bi-hā yatimmu burhān al-shakl al-rābiʿ min al-maqāla al-tāsiʿa min Kitāb al-Majisṭī

The title of this work, covering three pages in its unique manuscript copy, states that it completes (yatimma) the proof of Figure 4 of Book IX of the Almagest. It is clearly different from the same author’s C.1.20, whose title states that it is a correction (taṣḥīḥ) of the proof of that figure. The present treatise sets off by proving a method for bisecting the angle between two equal straight lines. After this proof the author returns to the fourth figure of Book IX following a very different path from C.1.20. Two similar diagrams with different labelling are included in the first part of the text, and space for a large third diagram has been left empty at the top of the last page. The explicit mention of al-ʿUrḍī as the author suggests that this text is close to C.1.20, but its occurrence in a manuscript with several other reworked treatises stemming from the Maragha environment (especially, C.1.25, C.1.33, and Ibn al-Ṣalāḥ’s Muqaddima li-ʿamal murabbaʿ as copied by Quṭb al-Dīn al-Shīrāzī into MS Istanbul, Topkapı, Ahmet III 3455, ff. 82r–v) places it closer to the revised version C.1.29.

Text: [Mashhad, Holy Shrine, 5452]

(pp. 193–195) هذه مقدّمة حرّرها الشيخ الإمام أفضل المهندسين مؤيّد الملّة والدين العرضي أدام الله أيّامه وبها يتمّ برهان الشكل الرابع من المقالة التاسعة من كتاب المجسطي. كلّ خطّين مستقيمين متساويين تحيطان بزاوية ليست قائمة و يخرج من طرف كلّ واحد منهما عمود على الآخر ... — فيبقى خطّا ب د ب ه متساويين وزاويتا د ف ك ه ف ط متساويتان فخطّ ك د مثل ف ط ه ط ويرجع الشكل إلى أصله.

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