Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Rampur, Raza Library, Arabic 4188

[Trimmed colour scanned images of the textblock and covers.]
Single work: Arabic. Date:

unknown, probably 11th/17th c. (ʿArshī).


unknown; unknown scribe.


an illegible faded seal (1r and 94v (trimmed), also found in MS Rampur, Raza, Arabic 2906, p. 312). Old shelfmark: ‘majmūʿ 366’ (1r); accession numbers: ‘8709 M’ in Arabic script (1r), ‘ST 13623 ’in pencil (1r).

Cod.: paper, 104 ff. (foliated with Hindu-Arabic numerals, Persian forms; catchwords). A clear and dense black nastaʿlīq hand; mostly dotted ductus, vowels not indicated, occational hamzas, no shaddas. Titles rubricated (some spaces for chapter headings reserved). No tables; blank spaces reserved for all three horoscopes usually found in this commentary (87r, 88v and 89r). Dimensions: 27.5×18.2 cm; 36 lines per page. Slightly worm-eaten, some dirt and ink stains, sometimes affecting the readability; restorations of wormholes with transparent foil, inner margins of almost all pages glued on modern white paper (probably for the new binding). Modern black leather binding, title and author provided on the spine. Type III binding.

Cont.: astrology. — Index: Ptolemaica (1v–104r).

Bibl.: Imtiyāz ʿAlī ʿArshī, Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts in Raza Library, Rampur, Vol. V: Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Science, Agriculture, Occult Sciences, Ethics & Politics, Education & Military Science, Rampur: Raza Library, 1975, p. 476/7.


\1v\ ⟨…⟩ قال أبو الحسن علي بن رضوان بن علي بن جعفر المتطبّب: قصدنا أن نشرح أقاويل الحكيم بطلميوس في صناعة القضاء بالنجوم على الحوادث. فنقول: إنّ القضاء بالنجوم على الحوادث صناعة تنبئ عن مبادئ صادقة بالمكوّبات (كذا) المزمعة وذلك أن مبادئها الصادقة هي أشياء تبيّن بعضها في العلم الطبيعيّ وبعضها في العلم التعالميّ — \104r\ فهذه أشياء قد شرحتها لك فانعم النظر فيها و ما يلها (كذا) والله يهدي من يشاء إلى صراط مستقيم.

= ʿAlī ibn Riḍwān, Tafsīr al-Maqālāt al-arbaʿ (C.2.3)

. — Title: Sharḥ-i Baṭlamyūs dar ṭilasmāt (1r). — Index: Book I.1 (=I), 1v–10r; I.2 (=II), 10r–19r; I.3 (=III), 19r–26r; II.1 (=IV), 26r–32v; II.2 (=V), 32v–44v; II.3 (=VI), 44v–51r; III.1 (=VII), 51r–59v; III.2 (=VIII), 59v–69v; III.3 (=IX), 69v–81r; IV.1 (=X), 81r–89v; IV.2 (=XI), 89v–99r; IV.3 (=XII), 99r–104r. — Headings for Chapters II.3 and IV.2 are missing. No scribal colophon. Minor marginal corrections by the scribe. Some annotations in other hands, often trimmed.