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Work C.2.13

〈Commentum Cracoviense in Quadripartitum a. 1505-1507〉

A marginal commentary on the Quadripartitum in Egidius de Tebaldis’s translation (A.2.5). Ptolemy’s text is given in full, but without Haly Abenrudian’s commentary. The three extant manuscripts exhibit the same organisation and layout, and all three open with the same introduction summarising the contents of the four books of the Quadripartitum (inc. ‘Iste totalis liber Ptolomei Pheludiani dividitur in quatuor partes…’), but the commentary itself appears to differ considerably, if not entirely. According to MS Cracow, BJ, 1963, Book I was completed in 1505, Book IV in 1506 and Book II in 1507 (no date is given for Book III). The three manuscripts were copied at the University of Cracow and two of them (the two Cracow MSS) are notebooks of students, which also include Matthias de Krajna’s lectures on the Centiloquium given in 1505-1506 (C.3.20). This makes it likely that the present commentary derives from, or is somehow related to, university lectures. If this is the case, a good candidate lecturer would be Jacobus de Ilza, who was the main professor of astrology at Cracow from 1506 to 1515 and who is recorded to have lectured ‘in astrologia’ in the years 1505-1507 (cf. Liber diligentiarum facultatis artisticae Universitatis Cracoviensis, I: 1487-1563, ed. W. Wisłocki, Kraków, 1886, 69, 71, 73 and 78). Matthias de Krajna, on the other hand, can be ruled out for he left Cracow to study medicine in Italy in 1506.

Text ‘(Cracow, BJ, 1963) [text] Ptolomeus. Res, o Missori, quibus perficiuntur prenosticationes accepte de astronomia aures et nobiliores… [comm.] Iste totalis liber Ptolomei Pheludiani dividitur in quatuor partes principales. In prima posuit regulas introductorias — finem in hoc loco huic libro imponere conveniens extimamus. Finis anno 1506 ipso die sancti Nicolai.’

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