Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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London, British Library, Or. 9206

[Colour photographs of the body text, cover and binding.]

Collection of five works: Arabic. Date:

first work completed on Friday 26 Shaʿbān 1147/21 January 1735 (23v); all other works completed in the 18th century (Stocks-Baker), the third work after 1158/1745-6 (death of the author).


unknown; first work copied by ʿUmar ibn ʿAlī al-Abzīzī (23v).


an ownership statement by Ṣāliḥ ibn Aḥmad al-Qarfān indicating that the manuscript consisted of 23 folios (1r); two ownership statements by […] ibn Shāhīn (29r, 43r); old shelfmark 305 in violet pencil at the beginning of every work; several stamps of the British Museum and the indication “Bought of Abdel Ghani Shehab / 14 April, 1923” (Iav).


white-brownish paper, I+65+Ia ff. (foliated with European-Arabic numerals in pencil; catchwords). Five hands for the five works. First hand: small precise naskh, verses in red, almost fully dotted, 25 lines per page. Second hand (Ptolemaic work): slightly angular naskh, fully dotted ductus, very few other diacritics, red for title page and for qāla followed by verbum number in abjad numerals, 27 lines per page. Third hand: well-readable naskh, almost fully dotted, 23 lines per page. Fourth work: reclined naskh, mostly dotted, 21 lines per page. Fifth work: quick, sketchy naskh. Glosses by several hands, one of which possibly that of Ibn Shāhīn. Red tabular frames, cells filled in red and black (first and fifth work); European-Arabic numerals in the first work, abjad in the others. Some moisture stains; scratches in the body text, smudges of ink; binding repaired throughout, outer margins often cut off or repaired. Modern maroon leather cover. Type II binding.


astronomy and astrology. — Index: ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz ibn Aḥmad ibn Muslim al-Akhḍarī, al-Sirāj fī ʿilm al-falak, with a commentary (1r-23v); Ptolemaica (24r-28v); Ramaḍān ibn Ṣāliḥ al-Ṣafaṭī, Rashf al-zulāl fī maʿrifat istikhrāj qaws makth al-hilāl (29v-42v); Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad Sibṭ al-Māridīnī, Laqṭ al-Jawāhir fī taḥdīd al-khuṭūṭ wa-l-dawāʾir (43r-48v); Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad al-Hanīd, tables for the position of Venus at the longitude of Cairo, of the type of the Durr al-yatīm (49r-65r). Blank: none.


Peter Stocks and Colin F. Baker, Subject-Guide to the Arabic Manuscripts in the British Library, London: The British Library, 2001, pp. 376, 381, 382, 385.


\24v\ ⟨…⟩ قال بطلميوس لتلميذه سورس قد قدّمنا لك يا سورس كتبًا فيما تؤثّره الكواكب في عالم التركيب كثير المنفعة في تقدمة المعرفة وهذا الكتاب ثمرة ما اشتملت عليه تلك الكتب وما خلّص عن التجربة منها وليس يصل إلى معرفته من لم يمعن النظر فيما قدّمنا قبله وفي علوم أخر من علوم الرياضة فكن به سعيدًا. — \28v\ ⟨…⟩ وإن كان ذو الذوابة يسير وسيره أبدًا يكون من المغرب إلى المشرق كان الخارجيّ يأتي من بعيد إلى الإقليم فإن لم يكن سائرًا فإنّ الخارجيّ من حظيرة الإقليم.

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, Kitāb al-Thamara (B.1.1), version with 102 verba. — Title: al-Thamara li-Baṭlīmūs al-ḥakīm (24r). — Index: author’s preface, 24v; 102 verba, ff. 24v–28v. — Short scribal colophon. Very few corrections and marginalia. Several verba missing; verbum 68 (here: 70) restored in the margin by a different hand.