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Work C.1.30

⟨مقدّمات تتعلّق بحركات الكواكب لمحيّ الدين المغربي⟩
〈Muqaddimāt tataʿalliqu bi-ḥarakāt al-kawākib li-Muḥyī l-Dīn al-Maghribī〉

This is a reorganised and partially reformulated version of a collection of geometrical propositions by Muḥyī l-Dīn al-Maghribī (see C.1.22); the above title and Muḥyī l-Dīn’s authorship are only indicated in the two surviving manuscripts of the original work.

In this reworked version Part B of the original is followed by Part A, with Part C missing entirely. In Oxford, BL, Thurston 3 and its copy Oxford, BL, Marsh 720, Parts B and A are separated by a couple of small other works, one of these al-ʿUrḍī’s commentary on Figure 4 in Book IX of the Almagest (C.1.20). It thus appears that the compiler of Thurston 3 rearranged chapters from several treatises by topic. Furthermore, some propositions from the original version were omitted in Istanbul, Topkapı, Hazine 455 and/or Thurston 3/Marsh 720, while other propositions that are included in Hazine 455 or Thurston 3/Marsh 720 are not found in the two witnesses of the original version (e.g., two propositions that begin as follows: Muqaddima. Idhā kānat lanā nisbatun aʿẓam min nisba maʿlūma; Muqaddima. Kull khaṭṭayn mustaqīmayn mutasāwiyayn ka-AB BJ yuḥīṭāni bi-zāwiya ghayr qāʾima).

Most importantly, however, the texts in the two versions do not correspond to each other word by word. Rather, one may observe – as in other cases in the manuscripts Hazine 455 and Thurston 3/Marsh 720 – that the text of this second version was heavily abridged, probably by Quṭb al-Dīn al-Shīrāzī, whose circle produced Thurston 3.

Text: [Istanbul, Topkapı, Hazine 455]

[Part B] (120r–127r) مقدّمة تتعلّق بالشكل الثالث من الجملة السادس من المقالة التايعة من المجسطي. لتكن دائرة ابجد على مركز ه وقطر اهج وعلّمت على نقطة غير المركز ح زاويتان متساويتان. — أعني حركة المركز إلى حركة الكوكب فيرى وافقًا عند س. وهو المراد. [Part A] (127r–129v) مقدّمة. ليكن ابجدهز على قطر از ومركز ح فصّلت منها اب بج جد ده هل متساوية. — فيبقي س أعظم من ع وذلك ما أردنا أن نبيّن. قد تمّ.

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Ed.: None.